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3 Good Options For Buying A New Hot Water Cylinder

Buying new hot water cylinders can be tricky if you don’t know where to start as there are many options out there with varying advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your home and the plumbing system you already use, it may be easier to go with an upgrade than it is to replace the unit you are already using. If you are clever, you can get a new hot water cylinder than runs more cheaply and reliably than what you were using before.

You want to be vigilant against being exploited by a provider who is keen to simply sell anything to you at all and not the best product for your home. This is why it is a good idea to speak with your trusted local plumber about the options available. By talking to your plumber, you can get an expert second opinion before you commit to spending any money.

Let’s take a look at some of the best tips you can use when buying new hot water cylinders.

1.      Do you want to go renewable?

solar water heater

One option you should consider is going with a solar powered hot water cylinder system that sources its power from the free, clean energy of the sun. This means that the liquid inside the tank is heated with power create without any emissions, and only uses the primary power grid when you don’t have enough solar energy backed up. This is why solar battery systems are so important when you are trying to minimise your dependency on the main power grid.

Another advantage of installing a solar powered hot water cylinder system is that any excess energy you generate from your solar panels can be sold back to the main power grid. This means that this unit can effectively pay for itself and actually turn into a money maker for you.

2.      Do you want to use a gas system?

Using a hot water cylinder with a gas connection can be advantageous depending on the cost and availability of natural gas in your area. Sometimes it may be more expensive to run a gas system, so you should do some research to see how optimal this kind of installation will be for you. Again, this is where the expertise of your local plumber will come in handy in determining the suitability of this kind of system for your home.

One advantage of using a gas system is that it can be much cheaper for you to run if you have abundant access to natural gas connected to your home. If you don’t, then this kind of system might be more expensive for you to run and in this case obviously wouldn’t make sense to choose as a new hot water cylinder.

3.      Do you want to use a heat pump system?

Another unique kind of system you can go with is a heat pump hot water cylinder. This is a greener option than gas or electric heating as it captures warm air outside the tank and processes it. However, the process of converting this warm air does use a small amount of electricity, meaning that this option is not as environmentally sustainable as a solar powered hot water cylinder system.

There you have it, 3 options you can select from when upgrading your heating system.

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