6 Most Secure Newcastle Self Storage Facilities

Keeping things locked away in some kind of sealed container or facility is the classic go-to solution when we want to protect an item from theft or damage when we aren’t actively using it. Everything from cherished family heirlooms, to vintage automobiles and pieces of art are all commonly found inside highly secure Newcastle self storage facilities that the owners of said items have invested in.

Over the course of history, there have been many famous places that were, for some reason or another, renowned for their security. Everything from banks to military fortresses have boasted being ‘impregnable’ in the past, but not all have lived up to this claim.

Let’s take a look at 6 of the most secure Newcastle self storage facilities to ever exist in human history.


1.     The Secret Archives of the Vatican

As you can imagine, the Vatican of the Catholic Church has a long history of closely guarded secrets that date all the way back to early medieval history. Unlike other vaults, this does not protect gold or a prized collection of artefacts, but historical documents. The information contained within these Newcastle self storage archives could have catastrophic effects if revealed to the public, and this is why the Vatican protects them so closely.


2.     Bank of England Gold Vault

Located deep underneath the city of London in the United Kingdom, the Bank of England’s Gold Vault is one of the most secure Newcastle self storage vaults in the world. It is estimated to protect almost $156 billion in gold assets, which is around 1/5th of the global supply of gold. The vault famously requires 3 oversized keys to open.


3.     Iron Mountain National Data Centre

The Iron Mountain National Data Centre is a secure Newcastle self storage facility designed to, you guessed it, protect electronic information or ‘data’. The facility is 220 feet underground and 200-acres wide, designed to withstand a full nuclear arsenal being launched at it. It contains data used by US government agencies as well as the vast majority of Fortune 1000 companies.


4.     NORAD

NORAD is another of the most secure military Newcastle self storage facilities in the world and is a was the command centre for the US nuclear arsenal during the cold war. It has several 23-tonne blast doors lined up inside it that are basically impossible to penetrate by any conventional means known of.


5.     Area 51

Area 51 is probably the most famous secure Newcastle self storage facility in the world considering there was a recent internet meme all about ‘storming’ the base in order to force alien revelations. While there’s plenty of pop culture attached to this place, it is taken seriously by the US Air Force (USAF) such that intruders are warned they will be shot after they pass a certain threshold.


6.     Fort Knox

Of course, you can’t talk about the most secure Newcastle self storage facilities in the world without mentioning Fort Knox. This place is synonymous with security, with people describing things they feel are highly secure as “like Fort Knox”. The United States equivalent of the London Gold Bank mentioned earlier, Fort Knox holds the gold supply of the United States of America and contains nearly 2.3% of all gold that has ever been produced.

There you have it, 6 of the most highly secure Newcastle self storage facilities in the world today. Don’t try to break into any of these places!

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